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What are key parts of ice fishing gear? Probably warm clothes, ice fishing rod and something that can get you through thick layer of ice. That thing is ice auger, and they come in different shapes and types. Sizes can also vary, so be careful and read customer reviews, which are essential to consider when shopping for best ice auger on market. These products can also get heavy, so make sure to have some space left over in your car or backpack for them. So let’s get started, what kind of ice augers are there, and which one seems to work the best?

First of all, we need to discuss hand ice augers. These are tools that require your energy to work and therefore, they work manually and not automatically. I have used hand ice augers plenty of times and even though they require some energy, I never felt exhausted after using them. But they have advantages as well. First and foremost, the price. Manual ice augers cost almost 10 times less than the other two types. Plus, they don’t need to be recharged or filled with fuel, and that can also save some extra money. But on the other hand, it does require your energy, which is also gained from eating, so it’s not entirely free. But hand ice augers are definitely more green and old fashioned solution to simple problem, so if you’re limited on budget, definitely try one of these.

Then there are electric ice augers, which I think are most effective kind of augers out there. As the name suggests, they run on electricity which they consume from high end batteries. Compared to gas powered ice augers, these are much easier to start and operate. Batteries do require to be recharged pretty frequently, but if you get best ice auger, it will probably come with replacement batteries, which can be used when regular batteries are low on energy. But even though I like them, they have one big disadvantage – high price. These are the most expensive of all ice auger types. If you don’t mind some extra money, electric ice augers are definitely best option for you. But if you do, I’d recommend to stick with the other two.

Propane powered ice augers are somewhere in middle. They generate energy required to penetrate the ice by using the fuel, so that’s probably slight disadvantage. You always have to carry some fuel with you, just in case it needs to be refilled. Price is definitely higher than manual augers, but lower than electric ones. Some gas powered ice augers can be hard to start, but if you research well enough, you will find best propane powered ice auger that won’t have that kind of problem.

Choosing best ice auger isn’t hard, just pay attention to online ratings and reviews and you’ll be fine.

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